Fruity Flavoured Ice Cubes

One of the simplest ways to improve your health, perform better, increase muscle and lose fat is to ensure you’re meeting your daily water intake goal. For many this is easier said than done. A loss of even 5% of water in the body can be fatal. One of the most common reasons for not […]

Spicy Fish Parcel

Cod is quite possibly the lowest calorie, leanest protein source available. Add some various spices and it all combines to make an exceptionally tasty and healthy spicy fish dish. Remember, spicy food can increase thermogenesis (calorie burning). This is all thanks to the compound responsible for the hot, burning sensation you experience called Capsaicin. Ingredients […]

Better Biceps Training

A well developed set of biceps is right up there on the “number one reasons why the majority of males hit the weights” list. The drive for bigger arms I see in the gym is fantastic, the problem is very few actually get it right. Mistake #1 Exercise selection has little to no theory or […]

Steak And Stilton Salad

High protein, moderate carb, moderate fat – Pretty much the general rule of thumb for the majority of peoples health and fitness goals, and this meal does it all. It also tastes pretty good too! Enter the ABC fit steak and Stilton salad. Ingredients 200g boiled new potatoes 200g sirloin steak 30g blue Stilton 3 […]

Training Considerations For The Pear Shaped Female

The pear body shape is quite possibly the most common body profile amongst women of English, Western European and African descent. It is often the most disliked body shape by those that possess it and seemingly impossible to transform through a healthy diet and lifestyle. But don’t worry, the pear shaped female body will respond […]

Sirloin Steak And Poached Eggs

If you haven’t got the hint by now, I’m a big fan of going low carb at breakfast time regardless of your goal. Carbs release serotonin a calming neurotransmitter within the body, making you feel sleepy – not an ideal way to start your day. The smart combination of protein and fats allows for a […]

Spicy Prawn Salad

Protein stimulates glucagon, a hormone that plays an active role in allowing the body to use fat for fuel. Therefor it’s vital your diet contains a variety of protein sources. Normally red meat and poultry get all the attention, but don’t neglect sea food like prawns, lobster and shrimp. All of which contain a high […]

Tight Hips? Try The Wall Hip Opener

Got tight hips? Here’s news to you, sitting ruins your hip action! Long periods of time spent in a seated position tightens the hip flexors. Once in a standing position this drags your pelvis into an anterior tilt causing a lumbar spine overextension fault. With a huge number of people in professions and the education […]

Smoked Salmon And Scrambled Eggs

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you think that what you eat for breakfast will set you up for the entire day, then you’re probably not wrong. Carbohydrates release serotonin, a calming neurotransmitter within the body. “Carb coma” ring any bells? So its best not to start your day […]