Training Considerations For The Pear Shaped Female


The pear body shape is quite possibly the most common body profile amongst women of English, Western European and African descent. It is often the most disliked body shape by those that possess it and seemingly impossible to transform through a healthy diet and lifestyle. But don’t worry, the pear shaped female body will respond well to the correct training protocols.

Pear shaped femaleLet’s start by taking a look at the typical traits of the pear body profile:

Upper Body
– Narrow shoulders.
– Shoulders tend to live in the front of the joint capsule, causing slouched posture.
– Slim upper back.
– Chest is narrow, with relatively small breasts.

Mid Body
– Stomach may look flabby.
– Waistline is slim.

Lower Body
– Hips and bottom are wider than the shoulders, this creates the classic pear shape.
– Thighs are wide and rounded, again creating the classic bottom heavy pear shape.
– Ankles are slim.

With the typical traits in mind here are some training considerations for the pear figure that will visually help balance the body:

Train The Shoulders
As we’ve already established, the pear shaped female has narrow shoulders. Training the shoulders, and visually widening the upper body will create a better balance between the upper and lower body. Try this shoulder pre-exhaust superset:

1A: Standing dumbell side raises 3×12 (10 sec rest)
1B: Barbell squat press 3×12 (45 sec rest)

Improve Posture
Improving the posture through various exercises and corrective mobility techniques will create a taller, slender silhouette. Not to mention you’ll look more confident. To set the shoulders into a better position be sure to include some rowing exercises (such as a dumbell row and TRX row) to help strengthen the back. Plus stretches to release tight pectoral muscles (such as a chest stretch in a door frame).

Add Definition To The Mid Section
Whilst you can’t “crunch away” tummy fat, using various core exercises in conjunction with a training programme and diet designed to lose fat will create definition. A more defined mid section will visually draw the eye to the centre of the body, creating balance between the upper and lower halves. Some must-have core exercises you should include in your plan are: crunches, TRX rollouts, standing cable twists and various bridging exercises like planks etc.

Manage Excess Estrogen
Excess estrogen tends to hold fat on the lower body, take a look at a previous post on female fat loss and estrogen for more info on this topic: FEMALE FAT LOSS AND ESTROGEN