Spicy Prawn Salad


Protein stimulates glucagon, a hormone that plays an active role in allowing the body to use fat for fuel. Therefor it’s vital your diet contains a variety of protein sources. Normally red meat and poultry get all the attention, but don’t neglect sea food like prawns, lobster and shrimp. All of which contain a high protein hit and a variety of nutrients. Adding various spices to your meals is also beneficial not only for improved flavour, but for also increasing the metabolism. All in all the ingredients from this prawn salad combine to make a fat burning powerhouse.

Spicy prawn salad

50g spinach
Half a large avocado
170g king prawns
Wedge of lime
Peri peri seasoning

Nutritional info
Kcal – 295.6
P – 33g
C – 2.2g
F – 17.2g

Want to boost the carb portion? Why not make it a spicy prawn salad with pasta.