Tips For The Early Bird

When it comes to exercise a common question I get asked is “when is the best time to train?”. My answer would be to not overthink this. Train when you can/when you feel your best. Many people choose to train in the morning before work, which makes sense. You can get up, get your workout […]

Is Bulking Season Banned?

Brace yourself! Bulking season is upon us! Yes, it’s that time of the year when thousands of individuals who want to increase their size go on a mission of eating everything and anything in sight! Some might call it a “dirty bulk”. Sure, the numbers on the scales go up, but is it really the […]

Two Factors For Long Term Success

I’m sure you’re all aware of the tortoise and the hare story. The slow tortoise smokes the hare that gets to tired before the finish. As a trainer I know full well how this story can transfer over into a clients success. The hare client tries to implement every healthy nutritional, lifestyle and exercise habit […]

The Sleep Smoothie

Once you learn the hormonal effects on the body that various foods have and combine that factor with taste, enjoyment and balance, you’re onto a winner! Try drinking this delicious sleep smoothie 60 minutes before bed. It’s specifically formulated to optimise sleep and promote muscle recovery and repair. Ingredients 300ml semi skimmed milk 1 scoop […]