Tuna Mayo Jacket Potato

Ah, the classic tuna mayo jacket potato. You cant go far wrong with this high protein meal, but ”full fat mayo on a health and fitness site?” I hear you say. When you see food products labeled “low fat” or “reduced fat” you need to immediately think of a chemical crap storm running through your […]

Female Fat Loss And Estrogen

Female fat loss and estrogen is a huge, huge topic. So huge in fact that it goes beyond what I can sum up in this post. But I can scratch the surface. To begin let’s look at two different scenarios. Female client A: middle aged, hasn’t exercised for ten years. Typical pear shaped body. Diet […]

Circuits For Fat Loss

Circuits for fat loss may just well be your key to getting a better body in no time. A study published in the 2011 issue of The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research investigated the effects of eight weeks of two different types of resistance training protocols. The first group involved a circuit training protocol, […]

Clearing Up Tight Hamstrings

I’m pretty confident when saying all clientele I’ve worked with that have a sedentary job could benefit from relieving tight hamstrings . Even if you live an active lifestyle or commit to regular exercise. If you don’t give your hamstrings the attention they need, over time they are going to tighten up. The hamstrings are […]

Banana Pancakes

The biggest advantage of home cooking is you know exactly what ingredients are going in to make your meal. You can easily take an average meal, substitute unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones to produce a better meal that can support your goals. Take for example a stereotypically carb-rich meal, such as pancakes. With a few […]

Back Hypertrophy Workout

After posting a 12 month before/after back shot a while ago, I received a lot of positive feedback. And for those interested in how I did it, here’s a typical workout I’ve been using. The workout uses a variety of exercises to work the back from different angles. You’ll also notice the majority of tempos […]

Flat Shoe – Raised Results

Back in the 1960’s everyone wore a flat shoe to run and gym in – converse, keds, vans and onitsuka’s to name a few. Then during the late 1970’s the transition occurred. Shoes began to appear with extra thick rubber and air cushions stuffed under the heel. Fast forward 40 years and as running gained […]

Baked Eggocado

Eggs, a super high quality protein source. Avocados are well renowned for their heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. They both make a great addition to any meal, but how’s this for an interesting twist – Eggocado! Ingredients 1 large avocado 2 small eggs Sprinkle of black pepper Nutritional info Kcal – 525.2 P – 14.4 C […]

Optimising Sleep

Optimising sleep is paramount for your recovery, not only from exercise, but from everyday life as well. Accumulating evidence from epidemiological studies and well-controlled lab studies indicate lack of sleep may increase weight gain and the risk of obesity. Lack of sleep also results in metabolic and endocrine alterations, such as: – Decreased insulin sensitivity […]

Seared Tuna And Quinoa

Zesty lemon seared tuna cooked to perfection, with just the right amount of pink streaked through the centre. Stamped fresh green beans topped with warm, wholesome quinoa. If that description doesn’t sell it to you, the image below should! Fuel a leaner body with this seared tuna dish. Make it a part of your weekly […]