Back Hypertrophy Workout


back hypertrophy before/after

After posting a 12 month before/after back shot a while ago, I received a lot of positive feedback. And for those interested in how I did it, here’s a typical workout I’ve been using. The workout uses a variety of exercises to work the back from different angles. You’ll also notice the majority of tempos and reps combine to make each set last for around 30-40 secs of time under tension. This is ideal to stimulate back hypertrophy. Take a look at the video clip for a step by step walk through of the session.

abc back workout

On a final note, bare in mind these three back hypertrophy training tips:

With muscles like chest and biceps you can see the muscles working. You squeeze harder at the top of each rep and as a result the intensity ramps up, but you can’t see your back. That’s where you need to really work on the mind-muscle connection. Visualise your back contracting hard at the top of each rep.

Work the back with a horizontal pull, vertical pull and hip dominant lift
If you want complete back devepment, you need to regularly hit it from all angles. The back can perform three main movements:

– Horizontal pull (rope facepull, seated row)

– Vertical pull (pull ups, lat pull downs)

– Hip dominant (deadlift, good morning)

Don’t neglect grip strength
If your grip isn’t strong enough you won’t be able to pull or lift a sufficent amount of weight to have a significant training effect on your back. The Meadows row, which is included in this workout, is great for building grip strength due to the thickness of the barbell collar you’re holding.