Coaching A Workforce: Olive Communications Case Study


About Olive Communications
Olive Communications is the UK’s fastest-growing business communications provider. Employing in excess of 100 people they help other businesses to work smarter with technology – seamlessly bridging cloud, data and mobility services into one platform so the organisation can operate efficiently, anywhere, any time.

online health and fitness coaching for a workforce

The Challenge
Just like many other businesses during the enforced lockdown, Olive Communications were forced to shut their office and continue delivering exceptional consumer service whilst employees worked from home. Overcoming this challenge as a business is one thing, but it left the organisations employees vulnerable. These vulnerabilities include reduced daily energy output, weight gain, declining fitness levels and lowered mental wellbeing. This in turn leads to a decline in work performance and leaves employees prone to becoming sick and injured – Not ideal for any businesses overall success and productivity. 

The Solution
Olive Communications came onboard as a corporate client during March of 2020, just as the UK went into lockdown. A total of 39 employees enrolled for the online health & fitness coaching programme provided by ABC fit. The primary objective for anyone enrolled in the programme was to develop a bespoke plan that is measurable and holds the individual accountable. All employees on board were provided with bespoke nutrition and workout plans along with round the clock support and educational lessons to watch on the ABC fit smartphone app to help further solidify change and good habit making.

Empowering The Workforce
The last 3 months have resulted in some superb transformations from the employees on board. Of the 39 onboard 20 were looking to lose fat. The total fat lost amongst these 20 individuals was 143lbs in 3 months. Some of the top performers included a loss of 13.4lbs, 13.2lbs and 7.5lbs. The graph below shows how the combined total of bodyweight consistently dropped during the course of the 3 months period. These stats were correct at the time of publishing this, but it continues to drop as the weeks move on.

Other goals that some of the employees were working towards included muscles gain, fitness and overall wellbeing. One individual gained an incredible 12lbs of muscle and is now much more confident in himself and feeling happier in his own skin.

The Benefits
Improving the health, wellbeing and body composition of your workforce is great, but do you know what makes it even better? These improvements flow directly back in to benefits for the organisation. For example:

Improved Work Performance

  • Improving the body and health does wonders for our mental well-being, self esteem and confidence and mental performance.
  • Employees show up to work differently. They feel confident in delivering that sales pitch to a room of prospects, they’re happy to manage that client complaint – they want to do well!
  • This in turn could lead to more revenue for the business.

Reduced Staff Sickness

  • In the UK employees take an average of 6.9 days of sick leave per year. Times this figure by your total workforce and this could be a problem. 
  • Healthier, fitter employees means less time off work due to sickness, pains and general poor health.
  • This means the business can function as best as possible 365 days of the year with minimal disruptions.

Staff Retention 

  • Average employee turnover rate is as high as 18% per year.
  • Online coaching is seen as in investment into the employees success. If they love the company they work for and get excited about all the company benefits, they’ll be more likely to stay on. 
  • This could save thousands in searching for new employees, and instead have that cash reinvested into the current employees training and development.
Health and fitness coaching can make dramatic improvements to a organisations eNPS.

Perhaps one of the most interesting improvements Olive Communications have noticed is how their Employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) has considerably improved since the start of this year (Shown above). eNPS is a measure of how likely employees are to recommend your company as a place to work. The graph below clearly demonstrates how Olive Communications’ eNPS has improved. The metric with the most movement was “Wellness” which is up 1.2pts.

If you’re a business (or individual on behalf of a business) and wish to learn more information about you and your team working with ABC fit and providing an online health & fitness coaching service to your employees, send an enquiry here.

“Thank you Aaron. I’m really grateful for the coaching and motivation you have provided and the incredible results we have seen over the last few months. I’m incredibly proud of how our team at Olive Communications have responded to the lockdown challenge whilst circumstances have given us back life’s most valuable commodity – time. Thanks to you and ABC fit many of our team have used this situation to improve health, fitness and wellbeing at a time when being in better health will be really important. We have made significant achievements as a team and individually and our collective fitness is high up on the list of goals.” 

Martin Flick
Chief Executive Officer at Olive Communications

“It’s been a pleasure for me to be able to work with and coach such a high energy, motivated team. They have shown high engagement and made major strides in improving their health, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing in just 12 weeks. They have collectively lost more than 100lbs of body fat and are all coming out of lockdown in much better shape than before. Well done Team Olive!”

Aaron Breckell
Creator & Coach at ABC fit