5 Cardio Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running

Burn more calories than you consume, put yourself in a deficit, and boom you’ll burn fat! Ofcourse there’s loads more factors that need to be considered, including endocrine function, metabolic flexibility and nutritional status history, but stripping it down to its bare bones this is how fat loss works. As running grows it’s popularity, it’s […]

Paleo Chicken Nuggets

Try these paleo inspired chicken nuggets that could have easily fuelled the leanest caveman 2.6 million years ago. These tasty nuggets are packed with protein and good fats, but lack the carbs, sodium and preservatives commercial chicken nuggets often contain. Great if you want to build muscle, burn fat or just fuel a healthy body. […]

Spelt Pasta With Turkey Meatballs

Rediscover an ancient grain with this spelt pasta and turkey meatballs dish. Spelt is a species of wheat cultivated since 5000BC. It’s a great option to choose over modern, common wheat products due to the combination of high fibre and low gluten content which can make this grain easier to digest. This is great news […]