Kettlebell Complexes

Kettlebell complexes! Quite possibly one of the most effective conditioning and fat loss tools you have available within your typical commercial gym set-up. Complexes have roots in Romania, whereas the kettlebell hails from Russia. Now these two countries know how to condition some serious athletes, so when both of their offerings are combined, the result […]

Managing Injuries

Second to nutrition, I’d say the biggest factor that inhibits people’s progress towards their goals is injuries. With any exercise or physical activity, whether it be in the gym or outside, unfortunately injuries can happen. Obviously with correct technique and optimal joint loading we can reduce the risk of them happening, but what can we […]

5 Things You Must Do If You Want To Transform Your Body

Burning fat, building muscle and transforming your body can certainly be a challenge mentally and physically, but a challenge doesn’t mean impossible, especially if you know what you’re doing. Today’s post is going to be slightly different. Think of it as an essential checklist of things you must do if you want to transform your […]