The Nutritional Priorities Pyramid

Allow me to introduce the ABC fit nutritional priorities pyramid. When adjusting the diet to support fat loss and muscle gain goals, it’s important we have a logical progression to follow. And here it is! Unfortunately due to people wanting a quick fix, falling for the exaggerated marketing ads or being hooked in by various […]

Smokey Chicken And Quinoa Stir-Fry

Smokey flavours, high protein, quality carbs from quinoa and ready in minutes! What’s not to like about this tasty stir-fry? It’s perfect for lunch or dinner and everyone in the family will enjoy it. Ingredients (to make one serving) 1 chicken breast, chopped Quarter of a red pepper, chopped Quarter of a yellow pepper, chopped […]

Top Tips To Look Like An Olympian

As the 2016 Olympic Games commence, we’ll no doubt be tuning in to marvel at the athletic wonders as they yet again produce some astounding performances. What interests me more however, is some of the lean and powerful physiques on display. The cyclists have thick powerful quads and calves, the Olympic weightlifters display muscular tree-trunk […]