1-1 Personal Training Dead?


Is 1-1 personal training really dead?

This is a phrase that’s getting thrown around quite a lot recently. And after the recent enforced lockdown and Coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to see why.

Like many other jobs, personal trainers (including me) went about their day as normal one day, only to have it all put on hold the next. Just like that. No warning.

Forgetting the trainers for a minute and shifting our focus to the clients, this left many people frustrated that they couldn’t see their trainers and continue making progress towards their goals. With months of hard work and progress on the line, it really was time for online coaching to shine.

So is 1-1 personal training really going the same way Black Cabs did when Uber came to town? Is it going the same way the dinosaurs did?

Let’s find out today and take a look at just some of the key benefits that online coaching offers over 1-1 (Side note: sure 1-1 based offerings can offer some of the same, but remember the point is that all of these can be offered remotely, from any geographical location in the world. And with more people limiting their contact with people it could be a wise step forward):

Accountability created by daily, weekly or monthly check-ins are the wheels that keep the success train steaming ahead. Online coaching platforms make it very easy and viable to check in with clients as often or a little as you need.

Workout Planning And Progression 
Having expert direction in terms of how to train safely, how to progress and how to avoid plateaus is priceless. How many times have you got to the gym and not had a clue what to do? This normally ends up in a sub-par workout – not ideal for world class results.

Meal Planning 
Do you know how many calories you should be eating? Do you know how much protein, carbs or fats you need for your goals? Do you have a selection of meals you can eat every day that fit within this numbers and meals that you actually love to eat? Believe me when I say this is the answer to achieving your goals. A brilliant online coaching programme will come with all of the above.

A good online coaching programme continues to provide educational material to clients to help them understand more about the science behind their goals and to support their ongoing journeys.SO lets round this all up.

What do I think?

Do I think 1-1 personal training I dead? I’d say – No 1-1 personal training isn’t dead. Replacing that “in person” coaching experience can’t be substituted. There’s something about having that in person experience that really adds a quality feel and creates accountability and motivation.

But with that said, the events of the last 6 months have really created a huge gap in the market for online personal training and virtual products that will help individuals create accountability and achieve their goals. Clients want to know that they can continue working towards their goals regardless of what challenges come their way – whether its lockdown, gym closures or social distancing.

Maybe this sounds like you? If you want to learn more about achieving your fat loss goals through online coaching with ABC fit click here.