Chicken Curry

How about this tasty chicken curry to spice up your nutritional regime? One of the problems I see as a coach is that people eat really well for a short period, then go to town (quite literally) on the calories at their favourite restaurants or take outs and ruin their hard work. Finding a bridge […]

Breaking Bad Habits

Habits are good. Habits allow us to live our lives efficiently without thinking about the small, regular things we do day in, day out. Think of them like the human body’s autopilot. Habits become a problem when the choices we make are bad and based on instant gratification rather than long term result. Dr Rob […]

Superfood Salad

Imagine a salad so super it can build muscle, promote fat loss, have anti-inflammatory benefits, promote energy production, encourage normal sleep patterns, detoxify the body and do all this whilst tasting great! Well imagine no more, the ABC fit superfood salad has arrived! Ingredients (makes one serving) 1 salmon fillet, baked and flaked Large handful […]