Chicken Curry


How about this tasty chicken curry to spice up your nutritional regime? One of the problems I see as a coach is that people eat really well for a short period, then go to town (quite literally) on the calories at their favourite restaurants or take outs and ruin their hard work. Finding a bridge between the two is essential for long term sustainability and success. Here’s ABC fit’s take on a classic chicken curry dish, it’s high in protein and good fat and will satisfy the urge of a traditional Indian take out, whilst still keeping you on the straight and narrow towards your fitness, fat loss or muscle mass goals. Take note, it includes no poppadoms or Kingfisher beer!

chicken curry

Ingredients (makes two servings)
2 chicken breasts, diced
1 tablespoon coconut oil
2 teaspoons mild curry powder
300ml Coconut milk
300g brown rice
Large handful broccoli florets

Nutritional Info (per serving)
KCAL – 585.0
P – 33.2g
C – 40.6g
F – 32.2g

Begin by boiling your brown rice in a saucepan. In a separate pan, heat your coconut oil and add your diced chicken breast. Cook until chicken starts to brown. Next add your broccoli, coconut milk and curry powder, stir regularly and allow to simmer for a further 5-10 minutes. To serve, dish up your brown rice and add the chicken curry mix. If your diet calls for a lower carb option, scrap the brown rice and increase the amount of broccoli.