Top 6 Pieces Of Home Gym Equipment


Here we go – back in lockdown again! I’m sure many of you that didn’t purchase any home gym kit last lockdown are now seriously considering it. I’ve been asked this question more times over the last 6 months than I ever have in my life:

“What home gym kit would you recommend I invest it?”

Now in my opinion home gym kit should tick the boxes of a few criteria. First of all it should be affordable. Many of you reading this will see home gym kit as a temporary solution. Almost as a backup. But affordable doesn’t mean it has to be crap. Still look for top quality brands. If you need help with this get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to help. Home gym kit should also be portable and easily stored away especially if space is limited in your home. On a final note it should also be a bit of kit that opens up hundreds of options for you. It should add variety and spice to your workouts.

Without further ado here is my top six pieces of home gym kit.

TRX/suspension Trainer – The TRX (or any other similar type suspension trainers) are superb for utilising your own body as resistance. They’re portable, affordable and can be hung up inside and out.

Resistance Bands – Resistance bands are a great, affordable option for home use. They come in a variety of options and resistance strength levels. They really help to open up different options for different muscle groups.

Dumbbells – Again relatively affordable and quite small so they can be stored away when not in use. Many companies now make adjustable dumbbells that have a variety of loads to choose from. However if you only wanted to buy a single pair don’t waste your money on tiny little 1-2kg. Invest in something a little heavier and more worth your while. The sweet spot for an average female is 6-8kg. The sweet spot for an average Male is 12-14kg.

Adjustable Bench – Prioritise a pair of dumbbells, but if you’ve got them and are still wanting more a bench will really start to open up hundreds more options for you. Just keep in mind they can be quite expensive and you need to find somewhere to store it.

Skipping Rope – Very affordable and very very portable. Skipping is a great cardio workout that can torch through calories. There is a technique involved, but this is all part of the challenge of learning.

Bodyweight – Yep that’s right! Sometimes the best bit of kit is no kit at all. There’s so many challenging, effective exercises that can be done with just bodyweight. Definitely not to be over looked.