Foam Roller Chest Flyes

Gym equipment has evolved greatly over the last 50 years. Improvements in scientific research, ergonomics, build quality and the manufacturing processes have impacted greatly on the way gym equipment looks and works. Take a look at any piece of kit from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and you’ll see how much it’s changed. Everything that […]

Relieving Neck Tightness

Carrying a lot of tension in the neck and sholders area is pretty common these days. Maybe you’re stressed, or you spend your working week staring at a computer monitor. Whatever the reason, the neck is a very delicate area that’s prone to tightness, pain and injury. Not to mention neck tightness can seriously impact your […]

The Deck Of Cards Workout

Feel like you need something to mix your sessions up? Take a gamble on how bad your workout destroys you with the completely unpredictable “deck of cards workout”. In order to progress, workouts should be constantly challenging. Your body is a clever machine and will adapt to a stimulus that it’s faced with. For a […]

Lighter Fluid For The Fat Burning Furnace

Achieving long term success with your fat burning goals is about developing small, sustainable and healthy habits. These healthy habits all add up to produce fast and effective results. I would strongly urge everyone that wants to lose fat fast to incorporate these two habits into their daily routine. Forget the latest weight loss shake fads and let […]

Creatine Resurrection

It seems amongst hundreds of up and coming products like silk amimo acids, beta alanine, testosterone boosters and GH boosting products etc. creatine has gotten a little lost. Let’s not forget that not so long ago creatine was a huge buzz word in the industry and a staple of any athlete or gym-goer looking to […]

Excelled Elbow Extensor Training

The elbow extensor (tricep) makes up 60% of the upper arm, so if you want bigger and stronger arms, tricep training is extremely important. Stronger triceps will also mean healthier elbow joints and heavier weights lifted on big pressing exercises, such as the bench press. The tricep is made up of 3 heads – the […]

Thick Grip Training

Training with a thick grip is nothing new, but it really could take your training to the next level. If you’ve never experienced thick grip training before, be prepared for a shock. Here’s four reasons why using thick handled bars and dumbbells could benefit you: Improved Grip Strength Working with thicker handles will mean increased […]