The Deck Of Cards Workout


Feel like you need something to mix your sessions up? Take a gamble on how bad your workout destroys you with the completely unpredictable “deck of cards workout”.

Deck of cards workout

In order to progress, workouts should be constantly challenging. Your body is a clever machine and will adapt to a stimulus that it’s faced with. For a new challenge, try the deck of cards workout to really shock the system. This protocol works well as a finisher or as an entire session in its self.


This is the protocol applied to a fat loss/metabolic circuit workout, but it could also apply to a strength or hypertrophy workout too. First off, pick 4 exercises and assign them to a suit. For example:

Spades – battle rope drills
Clubs – kettlebell swing
Hearts – mountain climbers
Diamonds – medicine ball slam

Pick a card at random and add a zero onto the end of the number you get, that’s how many seconds you’ll perform that exercise for. For example if I picked a 4 of diamonds that would equate to 40 seconds of medicine ball slams. Rest 60 secs then pick another card at random. It’s worth noting I use an ace as 30 seconds and a jack, queen and king as 60 seconds. I also like to put 2 jokers in the pack. This means 30 seconds on each exercise, no rest in between. Spend 10-15 minutes at the end of your session on this as a finisher. Can you see how unpredictable these workouts could get?!

Like with all good workouts that produce results, we’re looking for progressive overload. Due to the exercises coming at you in a completely random order, tracking progress with this protocol is difficult, but not impossible. To progress you could spend more total time working through cards or use heavier weights on your chosen exercises. Have fun…..