Creatine Resurrection


It seems amongst hundreds of up and coming products like silk amimo acids, beta alanine, testosterone boosters and GH boosting products etc. creatine has gotten a little lost. Let’s not forget that not so long ago creatine was a huge buzz word in the industry and a staple of any athlete or gym-goer looking to increase muscle strength, size and power. Why am I urging you not to get too lost in the hype of all these other up and coming supplements? Because this product actually works.

creatine is back!

Here’s seven reasons why you should add creatine back into your supplement regime today, and remember all these facts are confirmed by hundreds of scientific studies, it’s not just “bro science”.

– It can improve the number of repetitions performed to fatigue, thus giving your workout a better training effect.

– It can improve strength (1 rep max).

– It can help you lose fat because it increases work capacity and energy use.

– It can decrease post-exercise inflammation as it not only functions as an energy source, but also as an antioxidant. A study in The Journal of Nutrition suggests that creatine eliminated oxidative stress.

– It increases the rate of protein synthesis and initiates a larger anabolic response to weight training. This means you’ll recover and see results faster.

– It can improve reaction time when you’re tired. A study published in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that rugby players who took creatine when they were deprived of rest performed better on technical ball passing tests than players who took a placebo.

– It draws water into the muscle cells, filling them up like a balloon. This effect can boost the muscle fibre thickness by up to 15%, instantly making you look bigger. Long term, this stretch on the cells can have a positive impact on muscle fibre size.

Creatine Guidelines
There’s plenty of different creatine variations available on the market, but for first time users stick to the basics because we know it works. Opt for a high quality creatine monohydrate and follow the creatine cycle below.

Days 1-5 (loading phase)
Take 20g per day, split into 4x5g servings. This ensures the muscles cells are fully saturated.

Days 6+ (maintenance phase)
Go for 5g per day, preferably in your post-workout drink. Stay in the maintenance phase for around 4-6 weeks before taking a complete 2 week break off creatine.