Lighter Fluid For The Fat Burning Furnace


Achieving long term success with your fat burning goals is about developing small, sustainable and healthy habits. These healthy habits all add up to produce fast and effective results. I would strongly urge everyone that wants to lose fat fast to incorporate these two habits into their daily routine. Forget the latest weight loss shake fads and let me introduce two of the best fat burning drinks you can consume.

Iced Water
Drinking your daily water goal (0.033L x bodyweight in KG) for six months consecutively could produce up to a 5% loss in body fat alone. Add some ice cubes and you get a completely new benefit. Because the ice is cold, your body has to warm the water back up to body temperature. This process costs calories and therefor increases your resting metabolic rate.

Green Tea With Lemon
Studies have shown green tea can encourage weight loss due to a mild increase in thermogenesis. This is partly due to its caffeine content and partly from compounds known as catechins. Another benefit of green tea is it has very strong antioxidant properties. Adding some lemon wedges makes it taste better and help to alkalise the body. A PH-correct body will recovery faster and function better. If possible, opt for pure green tea leaves. They’re much more potent than your typical tea bags.

Maximise fat burning