Top Ways To Preserve Lean Muscle During A Fat Loss Phase

To preserve lean muscle during a fat loss phase is the aim of the game for a healthier, stronger and better looking body. Muscle tissue is also metabolically active meaning it can help you burn more calories, burn fat faster and keep it off for good. There’s plenty of rubbish theories surrounding the topic, so […]

The Ultimate Post Workout Shake For Maximum Muscle Growth

Are you ready for lightening fast recovery and maximum muscle growth? This post workout shake for maximum muscle will do it all! Ultimately energy balance will dictate what your bodyweight is doing. For example you can’t expect to eat one 500kcal meal a day and consume this shake after your workout and expect to build […]

Tracking Progress – 9 Best (And Worst) Ways To Measure Body Fat

Tracking your progress against your goals is vital for progression and ultimately success. If you’re not using methods to measure body fat or composition you should be! Selecting your preferred methods to collect the data is a complicated, confusing topic. Is it accurate? Is it reliable? Is it affordable? But don’t worry, I’ve done the leg […]