Coaching A Workforce: Olive Communications Case Study

About Olive CommunicationsOlive Communications is the UK’s fastest-growing business communications provider. Employing in excess of 100 people they help other businesses to work smarter with technology – seamlessly bridging cloud, data and mobility services into one platform so the organisation can operate efficiently, anywhere, any time. The ChallengeJust like many other businesses during the enforced […]

I Didn’t Go To The Gym For 3 Months And This Happened

On the 23rd March 2020 the UK, like many other countries, went into enforced lockdown. To help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus disease and protect the NHS this was a necessity. One of the first questions that went through my mind was obviously – how and where am I going to exercise and workout? […]

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start Online Personal Training

Could online personal training be the answer to everything you need right now to continue seeing amazing results towards your goals? Let’s find out. I know, I get it. You’re probably in the mindset of “What’s the point?”. We’re in lockdown, you can’t get to the gym, chances are pretty high your summer holiday will […]

Working From Home – A Few Personal Observations

As I, like many of you reading this article, settle in to my new working from home routine, just one week in I’ve made a few personal observations. Whilst working from home provides us with a fantastic opportunity to continue earning money, keep businesses afloat and keep the economy turning in some tiny way, it […]

Coronavirus And Your Goals – What You Need To Know

F*CK. I couldn’t think of a better word to open this article. I’m sure it’s how everyone is feeling right now. It’s mad how something so small, like coronavirus, can cause such a big mess. I’m sure many of you are concerned about how this big mess is going to affect your progress towards you […]

The Best Workout For Fat Loss You’re Not Doing!?

You know when you first discover something that’s so simple and obvious, it just makes complete sense. It gives you one of those “why didn’t I think of this!” moments. We’ve all been there right? Well that’s how I felt when I discovered peripheral heart action (PHA) circuits workout protocol. Originally brought to the masses […]

Christmas Calories & Festive Feasts – ABC Fits Survival Guide

There’s a lot of things we associate Christmas with. Family, giving/receiving gifts, films, decorating the tree. But most notably food and drink. An abundance of it as well! There’s the dinners, the lunches, the chocolates, the mince pies, the mulled wine – the list could go on. Sometimes lasting for days or even weeks. It’s […]