Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start Online Personal Training


Could online personal training be the answer to everything you need right now to continue seeing amazing results towards your goals? Let’s find out.

I know, I get it. You’re probably in the mindset of “What’s the point?”. We’re in lockdown, you can’t get to the gym, chances are pretty high your summer holiday will be cancelled too.

Well I’m here to tell you, now is your chance.

You shouldn’t look at this whole situation as a setback.

It’s an opportunity.

An opportunity to burn fat, gain muscle, improve your health, sky rocket your wellbeing. Whatever it is, now is your opportunity.

You don’t need a fancy gym, you just need some direction and motivation to do the right thing and grasp this opportunity by the horns. Face to face contact with a trainer is not on the cards right now, this is where online personal training comes into its own. Here’s just a few of the benefits you’ll get with online personal training with ABC fit.

Personalised workout plan

Can you have an effective workout in your living room with little to no equipment? Hell yeah! You just need to be shown the exercises, training strategies and progressive principles that make it so. All of my online clients have been sent programmes suitable for the equipment they have available which has allowed them to continue dropping pounds each week, building muscle and generally just feeling awesome.

Online personal training
Meal plan

It’s no secret what you eat makes up a huge part of the results you get. Thanks to my online software I can programme your calories, macros and select meals according to literally everything! From time to cook, budget for food, likes and dislikes. In other words I can help you navigate through the minefield that is nutrition during the Coronavirus outbreak.


If you’re struggling with motivation right now, you’re not the only one. Being in lockdown, nothing to look forward to etc. I can understand motivation isn’t going to be at an all time high. That’s why I’m here. Working with clients 1-1 online means we can work together to find out what sparks motivation in you and how we can keep it alive.


Who’s holding you accountable to the behaviours you know you should be doing if you want massive success, a better body, improved wellbeing or all of the above? As your online trainer, that’s my job. Once per week I check-in with my online clients via my app. This is our chance to catch up and address any concerns that may come about. I also get my clients to input there stats once per week so I can keep an eye on their progress.

How does this all sound? If you want to learn more, drop me an enquiry here and I’ll be in touch.