Working From Home – A Few Personal Observations


As I, like many of you reading this article, settle in to my new working from home routine, just one week in I’ve made a few personal observations.

Whilst working from home provides us with a fantastic opportunity to continue earning money, keep businesses afloat and keep the economy turning in some tiny way, it does come hand in hand with some issues that could negatively impact our health and fitness aspirations.

Working from home

Conducting my personal training business 100% online (which is new for me) has given me a good idea of how everyone else is feeling and reacting whilst working from home too. In this article I wanted to discuss my negative findings and more importantly some potential solutions you can think about that will counteract them.

I eat out of boredom
Not out of boredom that my job is boring – far from actually! I love being able to help and support my clients through this, but more that I’m at home the kitchen is just a short walk from my office, grabbing snacks becomes all too easy! Over time this could accumulate to create a calorie surplus meaning fat gain. Not ideal!

Solutions: Stock up on healthier snacks, plan and prep meals. Sip water between meals (This strategy can help you to feel full meaning less likely to snack).

I reminisce
I often find myself drifting throughout the day and reminiscing about good times I’ve had in the past. I remember just a few short months ago I was in London watching one of my favourite bands perform, I remember how the food tastes at my favourite restaurant, I think about doing social things with friends. All of these seem like a distant memory right now. It’s depressing to think about how things have changed and this is probably not good for our mental health to think like this.

Solutions: Think forward. What have you got to look forward to when all this blows over?

I overwork
Without having a physical space to go to work, work time and pleasure time seems to blur into one. Any one else feel like this? If you’re like me and love what you do, it’s very easy for work to become the only thing you do at home. Early starts, late nights and all day-ers become the norm. 

Solutions: Plan your diary each day with high and low priority tasks. Schedule in breaks. Be ruthless with your play time and work time.

I am sedentary
The laptop lifestyle has many benefits, overall daily movement isn’t one of them. It’s easy to be be able to stay sitting on your butt working for hours on end without even standing. This isn’t good for our total energy output, muscles, joints and mental health. 

Solutions: Aim for 10k steps per day. Go for a walk over lunch. Take calls whilst standing. Stretch out the hip flexors and chest daily to counter act sitting and it’s effects on posture.