Christmas Calories & Festive Feasts – ABC Fits Survival Guide


There’s a lot of things we associate Christmas with. Family, giving/receiving gifts, films, decorating the tree.

But most notably food and drink.

An abundance of it as well!


There’s the dinners, the lunches, the chocolates, the mince pies, the mulled wine – the list could go on. Sometimes lasting for days or even weeks. It’s easy to see why it’s time of year can, for many, completely destroy a years worth of progress. Here’s four strategies to help keep you on the straight and narrow this Christmas.

Keep Exercise Going
I know it’s tempting to just sack it all off and start again next year, but do your best to keep training. This is going to help offset some of the damage that all of those extra Christmas calories can do. Plus with all those extra calories in the system you’ll have ample energy. Strength PB’s will no doubt be getting shattered in the gym. If you can get to the gym (I know many gyms reduce opening hours over December), consider a home based workout or head outside for a run or walk.

Watch Out For “Leftovers”
It’s inevitable that there’s going to be left over Christmas food around in the run up to, during and after Christmas. Do your best to avoid snacking on these. Keep them out of sight, hidden away in a cupboard or even just throw them away if that’s what it takes.

Alcohol Counts!
Remember guys, alcohol counts to. It actually contains quite a lot of calories per gram (7kcal per gram to be exact). It’s important then that we include these calories into your daily total. Take measures to keep alcohol consumption down by either alternating between an alcoholic beverage and water or opting to drink less palatable drinks (ones that you like, but maybe not so much that you’ll drink gallons and gallons of it).

Enjoy Yourself
My last strategy is to just enjoy yourself. Who cares if you mess up and gain a few pounds. You can easily get back on it come January and get yourself on track again. Hopefully by following the strategies above, this won’t happen, but if it does – don’t fret. Enjoy the time spent with your family and friends etc.

On a final note I want you to keep this in mind:

“Sometimes maintenance is also progress”

That’s right don’t be upset if you don’t make any progress with your goals during the month of December. Just maintaining what you’ve already done is a big feat that you should be proud of. Once the Christmas and new year period is over you can simply pick back up from where you’ve left off for even better results next year.