The Devilish 666 Leg Workout

Be prepared for a devilish 666 leg workout this Halloween that will horrify your muscles and incinerate fat into the dreadful depths of hell! The 666 leg workout is as simple (and scary) as it sounds. It’s six sets of six reps to be completed in six minutes. But don’t let it’s simplicity fool you […]

Exercise Frequency For Fat Loss

We all know the “all show no go” character that trains seven days a week, but seems to go nowhere in terms of results and progression. Contrary, we all know the person that goes to the gym once a week and doesn’t see any progression. A common question that comes up during personal training sessions […]

Lean Beef Casserole

Winter is here! And what better way to warm your bones and fuel your muscles with quality energy than to cook up this lean beef casserole. Ingredients (Makes four servings) 750g Aberdeen Angus topside beef, diced 3 carrots, peeled 3 medium red or white onions, peeled 1 large (roughly 1kg) butternut squash, diced 1 x […]

Maximum Hypertrophy Methods

Long gone are the days where hypertrophy was all about loading up the weights and swinging them around like an ape. Science, research and experience show us there are many more safer and effective ways to stimulate hypertrophy. If your progress has lagged recently, try incorporating some of these maximum hypertrophy methods into your exercise […]