Venison, Ham And Avocado Burger

Want to eat a tasty burger guilt free? Well look no further, this is just for you! Did you know game meats are higher in protein and lower in fat than other red meats? This makes them a great alternative to lamb, chicken, beef or pork. Game is also wild, natural and free range. Try […]

My 12WKLMP Body Transformation

12 weeks, 48 workouts and a little bit of determination and hard work. That’s all it took for my body transformation. Seven months ago I embarked on getting together a comprehensive, yet simple to follow ebook that presents the details it takes to build a lean muscular physique, burn fat and get you into the […]

Get A Better Body With Barbell Complexes

Load a barbell, pick two or more compound exercises and perform them all back-to-back without putting the bar down. Sounds fairly simple in hindsight right? But don’t underestimate – barbell complexes will leave even the most hardened gym goers in a sweaty, helpless heap! Originally the brainchild of Romanian weightlifting coach Istavan Javorek, Barbell complexes […]