Chicken, Chorizo And King Prawn Salad


They say variety is the spice of life. It’s also a great way to transform a meal from being a bland chore to eat to something tasty that you look forward to. For example, instead of having just one protein source at a meal, why not go all out and pick three sources, but smaller servings. This chicken, chorizo and king prawn salad makes a great lunch or light evening meal.

One chicken breast
Five chorizo slices
Four cherry tomatoes
100g king prawns
Crispy leaf salad
Cucumber slices
Newman’s own Ranch dressing (30g/2 x table spoons)
120g sweet potato

Nutritional info
KCAL – 570.2
P – 53.2
C – 31.3
F – 25.8

Chicken chorizo and king prawn salad

This salad couldn’t be any easier to create. The only real cooking that needs to be done is the sweet potato and chicken. Bake the potato for 20-30mins in a preheated oven, then grill chicken. Once that’s done just throw it all together. If you want to turn it into a high energy, muscle building meal – try doubling up on the sweet potato to increase the carb portions.