Alcohol And Your Body Composition Goals


Breaking news! we were not designed to drink alcohol. If you’ve found yourself on this post expecting an update on new studies that prove alcohol is beneficial for you, you’re going to be slightly disappointed. However, with that said everyone likes to go out, socialise with friends and drink and eat food that you know you shouldn’t. Its human nature to do so and once in a while this is fine. I believe allowing these odd occasions in moderation are extremely important for consistency and long term success. So that brings me onto the big question. How can you enjoy a night out once in while without letting it sabotage all the hard work you’ve put in so far?

And here’s my answer:

– During the day before you hit the town eat your meals as normal, but I want you to implement one small trick. Skip just one of the meals. This can be any meal during the day, apart from breakfast. By doing this you free up some calories for the alcohol you’ll be consuming that night. This trick is inspired by the “flexible dieters” out there and I’m sure will be very popular with the IIFYM’s crowd.

– Stay away from beer (the beer belly isn’t a myth!). Instead stick to a spirit with a mixer. A shot of vodka with soda water and lime for example would be a good choice. And don’t even think about drinking those bright coloured, sugar loaded alchopops!
– Know your limit. Drink to have a good time, not to show everyone your breakfast.
– Dance! If you get the opportunity, get out on that dance floor. It’s a great way to meet new people and burn those 7ckal per gram that alcohol packs.

how does alcohol effect your goals?
– Most people like to hit the kebab house after a night out which is a fantastic as it soaks up all the alcohol leaving you hangover free the following morning right? Wrong! It also puts another 1000+kcal into your body which isn’t going to get used and will therefore probably be broken down and stored as fat. Massive progress killer! So this should be avoided at all costs.
– Everyone knows from experience alcohol can dehydrate you. So it goes without saying before you pass out in bed, drink 1-2 litres of water spiked with electrolytes to help expedite absorption.

The Morning After
The aftermath of a night out could really screw things up for you. You spend most of the day (a week for some of you) in bed, missing meals, eating crap and you miss a gym session. What if there were two things you could take to crush the hangover effect and get you back on your feet in no time? You’d probably want in! Well have a look at the ABC fit “hangover cure” below.

Green tea – We know green tea has a whole array of health benefits, but in particular it acts as a powerful antioxidant. It can help your body to break down alcohol and exercise induced free-radicals. It also has detoxifying properties and contains a small amount of caffeine. This can help ‘wake’ your entire body from your post-party trauma.

Milk thistle – A common supplement that’s been used for over 2000 years. It’s noted for its benefits on liver health. It protects the liver and helps improve its function. Since alcohol is moved to the liver to be broken down, the liver really could do with a helping hand from this supplement. This in turn helps the body to detox itself.

Back to reality, as great as it sounds unfortunately this isn’t the ultimate hangover cure and would need a lot more research. It certainly won’t reverse the effects of a hangover in a matter of minutes like a magic potion. It could however help get you on your way again. In conjunction to this, again sink 1-2 litres of water spiked with electrolytes to help revive your hydration status. It’s also really important to put the night out behind you and get back on the clean eating and training straight away. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking one bad night means the whole week is a write off. Put these tips into practise on your next night out and I guarantee it will only be a speed bump on your road to success as opposed to the mountain that it could be.