SMR Vs Massage

Over the years, as I’ve matured as a trainer and individual, I’ve come to learn that improving body composition and looking better means nothing if you don’t feel and function better too. For that reason taking care of my tissues, and my clients, through active recovery techniques such as stretching, massage and Self Myofascial Release […]

Top Strategies To Improve Your Strength

Improving your strength may not be important to you, but it should be. For any body-composition goal, being stronger will generally mean better and faster results. That’s right, being strong isn’t just important for powerlifters, strongmen and athletes. If your goal for example is to build lean muscle, being stronger will mean you’ll be able […]

Super Fruit And Nut Acai Bowl

Try this delicious acai bowl as a breakfast treat or brunch. Despite this bowl containing a variety of healthy ingredients, the real magic is in the power of the acai berry. Considered as one of the top superfoods, acai berries have powerful antioxidant properties as well as displaying a superb micronutrient profile. The fibre found […]