The First And Most Effective Step To Begin A Fat Loss Diet


They say the first step is the hardest. Which may be so for some individuals, but I can guarantee that first step is much easier if you know what the first step is going to be. When it comes to fat loss, or building muscle for that fact, nutrition is arguably going to be the biggest piece of the puzzle. So where does one begin when creating a sustainable, enjoyable nutrition plan for improved body composition goals? And forget the fads, so you can ditch the seven day juice detox plan or the meal replacement shakes! You can also forget working out your macro and calories goals, the first step is much, much simpler than that.

Heres how to begin a Fat Loss Diet

For the first step, I want you to only consume natural, whole and clean single ingredient foods. A good rule to abide by is “If it had eyes, you picked it from a tree or pulled it out of the ground” you can eat it. Another thing to think about is, if you left it out on the kitchen side, would it rot? If it’s a yes, eat it. The faster the food would rot, generally the better. Have you ever seen the article knocking around on various social media sites that shows a fast food burger that was left out in the air for weeks and it didn’t change? You’ve got to ask yourself what the hell have they put in it, or removed, to make it last like that, and is it good for me? I think you already know the answer to that. So here’s the key reasons why we should be focusing on switching processed foods to clean foods to start a fat loss diet.

Food Enzymes
Have you ever wondered how processed foods can have such a long shelf life? It’s because preservatives are added and the natural food enzymes found within are removed. With these enzymes removed the foods are less likely to rot and spoil as quickly. This is great if you’re in the food business and wanting your products to last longer, but not so great if you want to break food down efficiently and have a healthy, happy body.

Improved Absorption Of Nutrients
It goes without saying, with food enzymes present and improved breakdown of food, we are going to be able to digest, absorb and shuttle nutrients more efficiently into the body. This means improved health, better energy levels, faster fat loss and a rapid recovery for even faster results. People waste hundreds of pounds a year on food enzyme and digestive aid supplements to try and extract nutrients from crappy foods, when all they should really be doing is making better food choices.

Digestive Health
A healthy digestive system is one that can take food in, do what it’s got to do with it and then send it on its way. Due to the processed foods being much harder to breakdown, they will generally sit around in the digestive tract for longer. For a rather straight to the point analogy, they will “clog up the system”. Just another reason why you should be focusing on clean foods. And improved digestive health is often overlooked when it comes to any body recomposition goal.

It’s Harder To Over-Eat
Many individuals that are overweight and consuming a carb-centric diet of processed foods are simply eating too many calories for their current metabolic demands. The processed foods make it very easy to do this. Now if you switch up your nutrition intake to clean foods and try to over-eat, it’s extremely hard. Take for example, an average chocolate bar contains around 300kcal. Did you know you’d have to eat almost 1kg of broccoli for an equivalent amount of total calories. And trust me 1kg of broccoli is a lot of broccoli! By consuming a clean diet of whole foods, chances are it will feel like you are eating more, but in reality you’re actually eating less calories than previously. Perfect for fat loss. And remember, we haven’t even looked at balancing protein, carbs and fats yet, you’ll be amazed what will happen when you do after completing this all important first step.