Super Fruit And Nut Acai Bowl


Try this delicious acai bowl as a breakfast treat or brunch. Despite this bowl containing a variety of healthy ingredients, the real magic is in the power of the acai berry. Considered as one of the top superfoods, acai berries have powerful antioxidant properties as well as displaying a superb micronutrient profile. The fibre found in the skins of the acai berry can also aid digestion greatly.

Super Fruit And Nut Acai Bowl

Ingredients (to make one serving)
250g Greek style yoghurt
40g pomegranate seeds
12.5g toasted, flaked almonds
1 heaped teaspoon of acai powder
1 small banana, chopped
30g cashews
50g Lizi’s low sugar granola
1 teaespoon of cashew butter

Nutritional Info (per serving)
KCAL – 837.7
P – 44.5g
C – 78.3g
F – 38.5g

To make your acai bowl, begin my making your yoghurt mix by blending your Greek yoghurt, acai powder and teaspoon of cashew butter together. Remember the best acai bowls are served in layers, so once your yoghurt mix is ready, pour half of the mixture into a bowl. Using half of your granola mix, sprinkle an even layer over the top of the yoghurt. Repeat this process once more, so go for another layer of yoghurt, topped with the remainder of your granola. Next, chop your banana and use the rest of your ingredients to decorate the top of your bowl as shown, or get creative and make your own design. If you do, I’d love to see them, so tag @abcfit3 on your social media images.

How Many Calories!?
You’ll notice this bowl packs a punch calorie wise! Which might or might not be detrimental to your goals. If you’re on a muscle building plan and need the calories, or are on a re-feed day from your fat loss plan, great go for it! But for those that aren’t and still want to enjoy this meal, try one of the following options:

– Split one serving into two portions.
– Remove the granola.
– Reduce the portions sizes of the nuts.