5 Proven Habits To Stay Lean Forever

Lean forever. Who’d of thought two words next to each other could sound so good. Almost too good to be actually true. Almost. You’re probably wondering how these habits are “proven”. Well they’re not in any scientific sense. However from the large and ever-growing handful of clients I’ve trained, all mentioned below hold true. So […]

8 Simple Ways To Increase Your Physical Activity Levels

Increasing your daily physical activity levels should be the cornerstone of creating a better body and improving the quality of your life. Despite wide acceptance that physical activity is a simple, low-cost alternative to disease prevention and treatment, most of us still simply don’t move our butts enough. The main problem is modern lifestyle choices […]

Tactics To Heal Your Hunchback

Look around your office, gym or even in the mirror and you’ll see many individuals that could be mistaken for a hunchback Parisian who hides away in a cathedral and rings bells for a living. Today I wanted to discuss why people end up looking like this and most importantly how to heal your hunchback, […]