Peak Pec Transformation

If your goal is to transform your chest into something that looks like a Roman centurions armoured chest plate, then you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find 8 weeks worth of workouts that will peak, shape and add some serious strength to your pecs. What’s more, you’ll also find a brief description […]

Supplements For Fat Loss

We’ve all seen the magazine adverts showing the latest fat loss pill that claims to shed X amount of pounds in just a few days. The sad thing is thousands of people will and will continue to whiz away money on these supplements for fat loss only to be let down. The fat loss supplement market […]

Sprints For The Win

The summer season is here. This provides a great opportunity to train outside and get a change of scenery from the same old four walls of the gym. Training outside sounds great, but what about equipment? Well you don’t need any, you can do sprints! All you need for this is a length of grass or […]

Quick Nutrition Tips For Fat Loss

Forget the fads, here’s some quick nutrition tips that can easily be applied this week to allow you to burn fat fast! Drink 0.033L water x bodyweight in KG per day One of the most important nutrition tips for fat loss is hydration. Keeping your body optimally hydrated is essential not only for fat loss, […]

6 Minutes To A Deeper Squat

The squat is quite possibly the most used and rated lower body exercise ever. Do you have to squat to see results? No of course not. It is however a very useful exercise that builds muscle, burns calories and improves lower body strength. Being a much more technical exercise than most initially take it for, […]