Supplements For Fat Loss


We’ve all seen the magazine adverts showing the latest fat loss pill that claims to shed X amount of pounds in just a few days. The sad thing is thousands of people will and will continue to whiz away money on these supplements for fat loss only to be let down.

The fat loss supplement market is a booming business as are the media corporations that promote them. It’s time to stop feeding your hard earned money into these fads and look into the supplements that actually work. I’m afraid there’s no fancy names or “top secret” ingredients listed here. Just supplements for fat loss that speed up the process of getting you to where you want to be.

Before we begin I must mention that you can take any supplement you like, but if you’re diet and exercise programme isn’t in place, you’re going nowhere.

Supplements for fat loss

Whey protein isolate
Are you bored of being told you need to make protein the main focus of your diet? Good. It really is that important. Not only is protein vital for the recovery and repair of muscle tissue post-exercise, it’s also quite hard for the body to break down. As a result your digestive system has to work harder and this costs calories, increasing your metabolic rate. If struggle to eat enough protein, look at supplementing your diet with a shake. Go for a whey isolate powder. It’s clean and low calorie, perfect if your goal is to burn fat.

Omega 3’s
Omega 3’s are a fatty acid that often get promoted as a heart, brain and joint health supplement. This is great for most people, but they can also help prevent dietary fat being stored as body fat. Get serious with your intake and aim to consume 5-10 grams per day.

Conjugated linoleic acid is again a type of fatty acid that’s found in small amounts in full fat milk, meat and cheese. Norwegian researches observed a 20% reduction in body fat after subjects took 3 grams a day for 3 months. Studies suggest that CLA works by suppressing the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (which transports fat into storage). When combined with resistance training researchers also found it may help increase lean muscle and strength, making it a good all rounder.

Quite possibly one of the most researched performance enhancing substances ever. Taken pre-workout, caffeine will fire up the adrenal glands and increase energy for the session. It will stimulate adrenaline which increases the levels of fatty acids in the bloodstream. This means during your workout your body will be able to use these fatty acids as fuel. Don’t feel you need to take a caffeine supplement either, a strong pre-workout black coffee will do the trick. Experiment with dosages depending on tolerance, but aim for 5-10mg per kg of body weight.

Green tea extract
Studies have confirmed green tea can encourage weight loss due to a mild increase in thermogenesis. This is partly due to its caffeine content and partly from compounds known as catechins. Another benefit of green tea is it has very strong antioxidant properties. If you can’t stand drinking green tea, look into a green tea extract supplement.

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