ABC’S Guide To Eating Out On A Fat Loss Plan


We’ve all been there. Everything’s going well – each workout new pb’s are being set, your diet has been clean for weeks, you’ve drank 3L of water a day consecutively for the last 3 months and most importantly you’re seeing results. Then an inconvenient social obligation comes up that’s been in the diary for months. You want to go, but how are you going to strike a balance between eating out and enjoying yourself, but not letting the last few months of hard work fly out of the window?

don't let eating out ruin your progress

Often when a client says to me “I went out for a meal this week and had a disaster. I had garlic bread to start, followed by a cheese and bacon burger with fries and a chocolate fudge brownie to finish. Oh and it might of been washed down with 4 glasses of wine” the blame is pushed towards the restaurant. When in actual fact it’s just a bunch of bad choices on the clients behalf. Follow these simple tips and you’ll enable yourself to make better choices when you eat out. You’ll still be able to enjoy yourself, without ruining your hard work.

Think protein
Proteious. The Greek word for protein, meaning ‘of first importance.’ When you first pick up a menu at a restaurant I want you to immediately think – where is my protein coming from? If your meal choice doesn’t contain a good quality source of protein, keep looking.

Don’t be afraid to ask to change things
Let’s play a simple game of “eat this not that” when eating out:

Fries or sweet potato wedges?
Sweet potato wedges or house salad?
Pint of Guinness or single shot of vodka in lime soda water?
Fruit juice or spring water?

You don’t have to be too educated on healthy choices to understand which option is better for you. Just because a meal is presented as it is on the menu, it doesn’t mean you have to have it served like that. Just ask and I’m sure the staff will be happy to change things for you. In some cases you may have to pay a couple of pounds extra, but if your goals mean that much to you, you’ll pay it.

Drink 500ml of water before eating
Drinking water before you sit down for your meal will help make you feel fuller. Meaning you’ll be less likely to overindulge, and maybe make a pass on the pudding.

One glass of alcohol
Alcohol is just empty calories. Limiting your social events at restaurants to just one glass will have one of the most positive impacts on your goals. When eating out you could also ask for a jug of water with ice and sip that after you’ve had your alcohol allowance.

Move on
So what you didn’t quite eat as well as you could of. The most important things is you know you’ve made some better choices. You just need to jump straight back on the wagon and not let one bad meal ruin your choices for the rest of the week.