My 12WKLMP Body Transformation


12 weeks, 48 workouts and a little bit of determination and hard work. That’s all it took for my body transformation. Seven months ago I embarked on getting together a comprehensive, yet simple to follow ebook that presents the details it takes to build a lean muscular physique, burn fat and get you into the best shape of your life. What’s more, I put myself through the entire protocol to show just what can be achieved in three months.

I began the programme at a rather soft looking 12% bodyfat, but by four weeks into the programme my body composition was starting to change dramatically. Each phase of the workouts is designed to transition smoothly into the next, so If you’re following the programme I urge you not to skip phases.

Active recovery is also an extremely important factor and often overlooked aspect of people’s training regimes. For me, I noticed my recovery rate was lighting fast, I could move better and my posture had improved by following the “active recovery diary” that’s presented. The regular Epsom salt baths also helped de-stress me which improved my performance and quality at work.

I finished the 12 weeks at around 8% bodyfat with fuller-looking muscles, but during the final week I made a few key adjustments in order to bring my best package to the final photo shoot and I’m not talking about just getting a tan and trimming my beard. Water and carbs were manipulated for a cut, dry look. First I’ll present what I did, then I’ll explain why.

3L of water and all carb servings halved.

4L of water and 0g carbs (excluding green veg and salads)

6L of water and 0g carbs (excluding green veg and salads)

8L of water 0g carbs (excluding green veg and salads)

9L of water 0g carbs (excluding green veg and salads)

Less than 250ml of water and my bodyweight in KG’s X 3g in carbs

73kg x 3 = 219g

This works out at around 40g of carbs per meal (based on five meals a day). My carb sources mainly included honey, white potato and sweet potato.

DAY OF SHOOT! water sipped as needed and one small balanced meal.

I like to keep my photo shoot prep fairly simple. You’ll notice Thursday through to Monday I gradually increased my water intake up to an impressive nine litres a day. This is to encourage flushing of water out of the body, so any water weight I was retaining it would of been passed out. It’s also worth mentioning I went as sodium free as I could during this period as sodium can encourage water retention. Expect to be visiting the bathroom regularly if you follow this protocol. By Monday my body was so used to passing water through, come Tuesday I turned this on its head. Water was kept to a bare minimum. I kept flushing water through and before my body caught up with what I was doing it was to late. Now I began to dehydrate and skin really tightened up around the muscles.

Now let’s talk about carbs. Thursday through to Monday is basically a carb depletion phase. I kept training hard and by Monday night I was looking and feeling flat. My muscles were fully depleted of glycogen. Tuesday (the day pre-shoot) was a carb load day. I consumed carbs with every meal and because my muscles were so depleted of glycogen they instantly soaked up the fuel. As Tuesday passed by I was looking fuller and dryer by the hour, all ready for the big day on Wednesday. This is a fairly extreme task to put your body through, but it can bring out your best condition for a photo shoot or competition.

my body transformation using the 12wklmp ebook from ABC fit

So there we have it, there’s my 12 week body transformation. Everything I did down to a T is in the ebook. The programme includes:

– 12 week progressive workout programme.
– The seven principles of nutrition it takes to build a lean muscular body.
– Active recovery techniques to dramatically speed up your recovery rate.
– Exercise descriptions with important coaching cues.
– How to set and track achievable goals.
– Over 60 pages of quality information.

You can download a copy here

Here’s what people are saying about The 12 Week Lean Muscle Project…

“Aarons knowledge and passion really comes through in this booklet. So far I have really enjoyed all the exercises, and have found the guide to tempos and form extremely helpful, its pointed out mistakes I’ve made in the past and has definitely worked muscles I wasn’t sure existed! I love that the programme is informative in all aspects of training, particularly in recovery which is something I believe gets missed all too regularly. I’d highly recommend trying this 12 week transformation project whether you’re just starting out or simply looking for a new workout to try. I can’t wait to see my final results from the project.” Claudia

“I’m only two weeks in so far, but already my strength is up and my body fat is flying off. Bring on phase two!” James

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced trainer, the principles in this manual are easy to understand and follow, and they work. For me the most noticeable result so far is an increase in my muscle mass” Ben

I’m personally looking forward to seeing your before/after photos…