How To Select And Join The Perfect Gym For You


Joining a gym is easy.

Joining the perfect gym for you is slightly more of a challenge.

And the right fit shouldn’t be overlooked. If you get it right and settle into your gym quickly that means faster and more sustainable results. You’ll enjoy the whole process of health and well-being much more. Today I just wanted to run through some pointers you need to keep in mind when joining or even swapping gyms to a new facility.

Location location location

I can’t stress enough how important this is! I know the best gym in the U.K.! It’s got every piece of kit you can imagine and more. It’s only £50 per month. The only problem is – it’s 220 miles drive away. Selecting a gym that’s in a suitable location is so important. Especially if you want to get into a sustainable routine of actually attending. To make things even easier could you pick a gym on the drive to or from work?


Sounds obvious, but can you afford the facility you’ve got your eye on? Will you still be able to afford it in 12 months time? Normally there’s a correlation between quality of the facility and cost, so you might have to compromise.

Quality and variety of equipment/facilities

Now the facilities the gym has on offer need to compliment your goals. For example if your goal is to build muscle, but your gyms free weight selection is sparse, it might not be the right fit for you. The quality of the kit is important too. Do you want flash new state of the art weights machines? Or do you want spit and saw dust equipment that’s been going since day dot? It’s also worth thinking about other facilities too such as changing rooms, showers, swimming pools etc. They may not be important to you, but then again they might be.

Gym cleanliness and tidyness

Following on from my previous point do you want to train in a clean, tidy environment where all the weights are matching and in order? Or do you want a bit of a dirty gym with weights all over the place? There’s no right or wrong answer here, it’s just down to what do you prefer?

Standard of fitness coach professionalism

How much help do you need with your goals? Do you feel like you’ll need to be shown how to use a lot? Or are you happy to just get cracking by yourself? This is something definitely worth thinking about before you join a gym. Do your research and see what services the gym in question offers to it’s members.

Atmosphere and energy

All facilities have completely different vibes when it comes to atmosphere and energy. In some gyms, everyone keeps themselves to themselves. In others everyone knows each other and it’s all about the chat and social element. You’ll never fully know what a particular gym is like for sure until you train in it for yourself. If you’re unsure, see if you can get a guest pass for a session or two before you commit.