Coronavirus And Your Goals – What You Need To Know



I couldn’t think of a better word to open this article. I’m sure it’s how everyone is feeling right now.

It’s mad how something so small, like coronavirus, can cause such a big mess. I’m sure many of you are concerned about how this big mess is going to affect your progress towards you goals right?

Let’s face it – coronavirus has already screwed up enough of our plans, let’s not let it screw up our fitness results too. From this article I want you to go away feeling motivated and positive that some good can come of all of this if we work smart and have courage.


Practise good hygiene and social distancing 
We need to slow the spread of the virus down. You also need to try and avoid contracting it yourself. If you get it, it’ll will put you out of action completely which isn’t ideal. Practising good hygiene is our first port of call. Wash your hands regularly. If you can’t wash them hand sanitiser is also ok. If you’re in the gym make sure you wash machines down before and after use with antibacterial spray provided. Try and stay away from big groups for now too by social distancing. Space yourself at least 2m away.

Adjust energy intake to energy demands
A very large handful of you will be working from home over the coming weeks (maybe months – who knows?) This means your daily energy output is going to be much less than what it would be if you’re commuting to an office and walking around etc. This means you’re going to need to adjust your energy intake accordingly. If you continue eating the same amount you usually eat, or more out of boredom, you’ll end up gaining weight. Keep this in mind and become mindful around your food intake.

Continue training at home or outside
As of writing this many gyms are still open, but day by day company’s are announcing they will be closing due to coronavirus. Some for a few days for a deep clean, some for the foreseeable future. If you’re like me – you love the gym. You love the equipment and atmosphere contained within the four walls. If they all have to close, we’re going to need to adapt and work around this to continue training. Bodyweight workouts at home are a great shout. Runs outside another good choice. If you’ve got a small selection of equipment great, let’s put it to use. If you’ve got a stair case, great – you can have a great cardio workout with a set of steps. Heavy objects around the house can also be used as a form of resistance. Think outside the box.

Seize this opportunity 
Seize this opportunity to set new goals and work on different aspects of your health and wellbeing. If your goal was to deadlift 200kg and you’re now gym-less with no equipment at home, to continue working towards that goal would be a foolish idea. Perhaps look at something else. For example, always wanted to lose a few pounds? Now is your time. Personally if we all do get isolated at home I really want to work on my bodyweight to strength ratio and my mobility, particularly around my hips. Start thinking about this now. Get excited about working on something new.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.