Thick Grip Training


Training with a thick grip is nothing new, but it really could take your training to the next level. If you’ve never experienced thick grip training before, be prepared for a shock. Here’s four reasons why using thick handled bars and dumbbells could benefit you:

Improved Grip Strength
Working with thicker handles will mean increased neural drive to the hand and forearm muscles. This will improve grip strength. Initially you may have to lower your weights, but they will quickly come back up. And it will all pay off when you go back to training with normal sized handles as you’ll be stronger.

Thicker Handles Are Functional
The term “functional training” gets thrown around a lot in the industry. It conjures up visions of a trainee doing a 1-leg cable squat to row whilst balancing a dumbbell on the head. This isn’t functional. Functional means it has the highest crossover to everyday and sporting activities. Thick grip training works well with contact sports and law enforcement careers that involve grabbing someone’s forearm as a means of attack or defence as the forearm is no doubt going to be thicker than your typical one inch-thick diameter of a dumbbell. It will also help with throwing and catching abilities.

Increased Forearm Size
More motor units will be recruited meaning more muscles trained and hypertrophied. Let’s face it, very few people train the forearms so the thicker handles will take care of this for you.

More Exercise Variety
It’s important we all have a variety of exercises to choose from to prevent physical and mental plateaus. Take every free weights exercise you know, make two bar widths available, and you’ve essentially just doubled your exercise library.

Maximise results with  thick grip training

Purchasing a new set of thick handled dumbbells and barbells would be ideal, but can get very expensive. As an alternative, have a look into Fat Gripz as a relatively inexpensive way to increase your grip width.