Relieving Neck Tightness


Carrying a lot of tension in the neck and sholders area is pretty common these days. Maybe you’re stressed, or you spend your working week staring at a computer monitor. Whatever the reason, the neck is a very delicate area that’s prone to tightness, pain and injury. Not to mention neck tightness can seriously impact your quality of life.

In ideal world we would just get a regular massage to relieve tension from a highly trained sports therapist. Sometimes this may not be feasible, or you might be in an emergency that requires instant relief.

Q: How do we bridge the gap between just dealing with the pain and paying for a trained professional?

A: Traps massage ball SMR.

Massage balls are great to ease neck tightness

Why does it work?
Tight shoulder and neck muscles will cause the scapula to rise up, making it appear like you’ve got a coat hanger stuck down your tee shirt. Standing up against as wall and exploring around the traps area with a massage ball will relieve any trigger points and unglue tight matted-up tissue. Blood will also rush to the area, bringing a fresh supply of nutrients for a faster recover. Mobilising this area will feed slack upstream and downstream to the neck and shoulders. Because you’re up against the wall, you’re in complete control of the pressure going into the ball. This creates a safer working environment for the drill. Spend at least two minutes per trap and neck tightness will be no more.