Circuits For Fat Loss


Circuits for fat loss may just well be your key to getting a better body in no time. A study published in the 2011 issue of The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research investigated the effects of eight weeks of two different types of resistance training protocols. The first group involved a circuit training protocol, the second being a more traditional resistance training protocol. The study involved 33 participants, all of which had been training for at least one year before the experiment.

The results concluded that both groups were equally effective in improving maximal strength and muscle mass. However, significant decreases in bodyfat were only observed in the circuit training protocol. What’s more, the circuit training group finished their workouts faster.

circuits for fat loss

Practical Applications
If your goal is fat loss, whilst developing or at least maintaining lean body mass, a circuit training protocol would be a wise choice. Effective circuits for fat loss should use use multi-joint compound exercises. These recruit more muscle fibres and burn more calories. It might also be worth alternating between a lower and upper body exercise. This will allow your upper body muscles to recover whilst you are working the lower body muscles and vice versa. The extra rest will mean you will be able to use and sustain a heavier resistance, giving a greater training effect.

Try this circuit for 3-4 rounds. Choose a weight that allows for 12 reps on each exercise and rest 30 seconds between exercises.

1A: Barbell back squat
1B: Dumbell chest press
1C: Romanian deadlift
1D: Seated lat pulldown
1E: Walking lunges
1F: Standing barbell press