Two Factors For Long Term Success


I’m sure you’re all aware of the tortoise and the hare story. The slow tortoise smokes the hare that gets to tired before the finish. As a trainer I know full well how this story can transfer over into a clients success. The hare client tries to implement every healthy nutritional, lifestyle and exercise habit under the sun in week one. This enthusiasm is great, but it normally leads to failure. The tortoise client develops small habits, working on getting each one nailed down before moving onto the next. This creates long-term, sustainable success.

Always remember – Slow and steady progress trumps the two week success story every time! So how do you become a tortoise?

Moderation and Consistency

Long gone are the days where your trainer would have you believe you need to eat plain tuna and rice out of a tupperware box everyday at every meal to see a result. Moderation and consistency are key! These two factors are extremely important and often overlooked if you’re after long-term progress. You need to get your mindset into long-term thinking. One of the worst mistakes we can make is to simply think of a healthy lifestyle as a means to an end.

moderation and consistency - so important for success

For long term success and ongoing results, consistency is your best friend. To me, the ultimate fitness professional sets an example – they practise what they preach. To be able to see success and live your life the way you want is a very powerful thing. Good quality, wholesome foods such as sirloin steaks, cheeses, greens, lean burgers, piri piri seasoned salmon filets and the odd naughty treat can all be part of your moderated healthy lifestyle. Besides no one envies the person that lives on plain tuna and rice out of a Tupperware box 6 times a day!

Keep moderation and consistency in the forefront of your mind with the behaviours and choices you make and you’ll become a tortoise (AKA winner!).