Tight pecs? Open The Anterior Compartment


Do you:

Work a sedentary desk job?
Perform lots of pressing movements (bench press, incline press etc.) in the gym?
Work a job that requires long periods of standing?
Want to improve posture?
Want to Increase shoulder range?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, you may have tight pecs and anterior shoulders. Try including this mobility drill in your weekly routine to open the anterior compartment, improve posture and progress your pressing power.

Release tight pecs with this drill

– Lie face down on the floor and place one arm behind your back. Take a medium sized ball to this side of your chest.
– Slowly roll laterally across the upper chest, pausing on any tender spots. You can even work into the chest-shoulder tie in.
– Another effective technique is to pause on a tender spot, breathe deep and move your arm around slowly in an arc. This pins the fibres of the pectorals down whilst the arm movement will floss the tissues through the ball, effectively ironing out the fibres.
– Set a timer and spend at least two minutes on each side. More if it’s a particular rough spot for you.

Why It Works
Tight pecs will drag the shoulders forward creating poor posture, so relieving this area will allow the shoulders to sit back. The ball works by relieving trigger points and un-glueing any matted down tissue. Blood will also rush to the area, bringing a fresh supply of nutrients for a faster recovery.