Tight Hips? Try The Wall Hip Opener


Got tight hips? Here’s news to you, sitting ruins your hip action! Long periods of time spent in a seated position tightens the hip flexors. Once in a standing position this drags your pelvis into an anterior tilt causing a lumbar spine overextension fault. With a huge number of people in professions and the education system that require long periods of sitting on your butt, it can be quite hard to break the cycle. Sitting could well be the new smoking.

If you fall into the prolonged sitting camp your first priority is to make sure you regularly stand up and take a walk. Secondly, think about adding the wall hip opener stretch into your day. Not only will it counteract sitting, you’ll get improved hip extension, reduced lower back pain and better posture.

Tight hips? Try this stretch

– Squeeze your glutes to help support the lower back.
– Hold for at least two minutes per side.
– Decrease the stretch by bringing your knee away from the wall.
– Increase the stretch by getting your knee as tight to the wall as you can.