8 Week Teen Muscle Project

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The 8 Week Teen Muscle Project ebook aimed at 15-19 year olds looking to build muscle, gain strength and sky rocket their confidence in the gym and out. It’s easily stored and transported on your smart phone or tablet so you can take it into the gym with you. The manual contains:

– 8 week progressive workout plan (Can be adapted for gym or home use).
– Exercise form guides to accompany the plan.
– The science behind effective training.
– The seven principles of nutrition for sustainable results.
– How to manage full time education with your training.
– How to set and smash SMART goals.
– Active recovery techniques for a faster recovery.

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4 reviews for 8 Week Teen Muscle Project

  1. Alex

    Cool book! Really helped give me structure to my workouts

  2. Sally

    I purchased this guide for my 17 year old son. He’s much more enthusiastic about going to the gym now and I know what he’s doing will help him with his goals. I had a brief look through and the topics covered are really insightful. Any teen just getting into the gym will really benefit. Thank you Aaron

  3. Marc

    Top ebook! Just brought and can’t wait to get started with the workouts this week

  4. Crackers38

    I bought this book for my 14yr old Son. It’s really helped him focus when he’s at the gym rather than dipping in and out of different exercises and not really knowing what he wants to do. He can use it easily on his own and has found the nutrition advice helpful as well. I’ve had a quick look through it (given he is only 14) and I think it’s all really good advice and guidance that will help him long term.

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