12 Week Fat Burn Project

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Burn fat fast with The 12 Week Fat Burn Project downloadable workout manual. Whether you're just starting your fat loss journey, or you're part of the more experienced crowd, it can be tailored to suit your abilities. It's easily stored and transported on your smart phone or tablet so you can take it into the gym with you. The manual contains:

– 12 week progressive workout plan.
– Exercise form guides to accompany the plan.
– The science behind effective fat loss training.
– The seven principles of nutrition for sustainable fat loss.
– The hormonal effects of food.
– How to set and smash SMART goals.
– Active recovery techniques for a faster recovery.

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4 reviews for 12 Week Fat Burn Project

  1. Nicolle

    A great, insightful manual into the facts you need to burn fat. The nutritional guidelines are easy to understand and follow. I will easily be able to work them into my routine. Can’t wait to start the workouts!

  2. Anna Hodges

    I recently purchased this as I know that Aaron really knows his stuff and this ebook certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s written in a way that gives you lightbulb moments and puts a whole new perspective on fat loss and muscle gain. As someone who has always avoided the weights area in the gym I’m proud to say that instead of dipping my toe in I’m fully there now trying out the machines and weights though I still can’t get the grip of those seats that collapse flat!!!
    I really enjoy all the different workouts and a few have definitely challenged me and I’ve certainly known about it the day after and maybe a few more after that but it shows it’s working.
    It’s well written, full of expert advice about meal planning also so I would recommend this without hesitation for anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle and get lean.

  3. Lauren

    Loving this plan! Feeling fitter and stronger everyday. The work-out’s are easy to follow and interesting. I love that they generally only take about 45 mins or less to complete.
    This isn’t a quick fix. It’s a lifestyle change.
    I recently got a PB on a half marathon. I didn’t think I had done enough long runs in my training but I felt amazing on the day. My legs were stronger and I was definitely fitter since following this plan.
    Aaron really knows his stuff and this plan is definitely up there with the big names at the moment. It just doesn’t carry the price tag!

  4. Leonie

    Loved this plan, it was easy to follow and kept me motivated in the gym in the lead up to my holiday. I’m feeling stronger than ever, particularly in my upper body, which is the area I’ve always struggled to improve. Next up, the Lean Muscle Project!

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