12 Week Lean Muscle Project

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Downloadable 12 week workout manual with exercise and nutritional principles you need to build muscle, shred fat, get a six-pack and recover to get in the best shape of your life. Easily transported on your smart phone or tablet so you can take it into the gym with you.

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6 reviews for 12 Week Lean Muscle Project

  1. Claudia

    Aaron’s knowledge and passion really comes through in this booklet.
    So far I have really enjoyed all the exercises, and have found the guide to tempos and form extremely helpful, its pointed out mistakes I’ve made in the past and has definitely worked muscles I wasn’t sure existed!
    I love that the programme is informative in all aspects of training, particularly in recovery which is something I believe gets missed all too regularly, not excluding myself.
    I’d highly recommend trying this 12 week transformation project whether you’re just starting out or simply looking for a new workout to try.
    I can’t wait to see the results from the project and continuing to improve.
    I look forward to whatever Aaron brings next and wish him the best of luck!

  2. Jack Breckell

    The 12 week lean muscle project is an easy to read, easy to follow gym programme. I particularly liked how the workouts are structured and how each phase is a fresh and challenging stimulus. I saw improvements in strength in my compound lifts and my body was looking fuller and leaner after completing the programme.

  3. James

    I’m only two weeks in so far, but already my strength is up and my body fat is flying off. Bring on phase two!

  4. Joe Sweeny

    A clear, concise training programme that delivers results! Easily accessible through smartphone/tablet device, the ABC fit methodology has enabled me to balance my gym workouts around a busy work/social life, something that has not been evident in any previous plan.

  5. John Purchese

    The 12 week lean muscle project is easy to follow, bringing exercise, nutrition and recovery all together into a fully comprehensive 12 week plan. I really like the way the exercise plan is broken down into phases but also how the manual gives you an understanding into what each phase will deliver and the science behind it. I have also found the exercise coaching cues particularly useful as they have given me some really good advice on how to complete each exercise with the best possible form. This is a fantastic manual and I’m really looking forward to seeing the transformation that following the manual delivers!

  6. Lorna

    The 12 week lean muscle project has been a godsend! I was training typically 6 days a week and had got to a point where I felt I was no longer seeing results, but just maintaining what I’d already achieved. My workouts were becoming quite tedious and demotivating. Since starting the program, I feel like I’m training less, but getting leaner and stronger. The structure of the plan is so easy and enjoyable to follow. It’s made me fall in love with training again. Following this program, along with the nutritional advice from Aaron, has put me in the best shape of my life. I can’t wait for the next one!

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