Wagyu Beef Teriyaki Stir-Fry


This mighty, meaty bowl of wagyu beef, noodles and veggies with a taste of the orient is more than enough to satisfy your muscles and your belly. Stir-fry’s are great for quick, clean, healthy eating and provide an unique opportunity to combine meat, fish, vegetables, rice and noodles into tasty combos.


Ingredients (to make one serving)
50g wholewheat noodles
1 wagyu beef burger
3 spring onions
Large handful broccoli
50g teriyaki sauce
1 Tsp coconut oil

Nutritional Info (per serving)
KCAL – 488.2
P – 32.7g
C – 46.6g
F – 19g

In true ABC fit style, this ones quick and easy to make! Start by boiling your noodles for 10 minutes, meanwhile grab a large pan or wok and heat up your coconut oil on a medium heat. Once warm add your spring onions and broccoli and cook for 5-10 minutes. Stir throughly to prevent them from burning. Next you’re going to want to add your wagyu burger (I found mine in Tesco). Chop it up into chunks and throw it in with your veggies and allow to cook through. Finally you can add your pre-boiled noodles and teriyaki sauce and stir regularly for another couple of minutes or so. Serve up in a bowl and enjoy.