Top Seven Exercises To Effectively Sculpt Your Booty


A sexy, sculpted booty is way up there on the list of outcomes many females wish to get out of their gym plan. And with the correct exercise selection and workout protocol, results will come easy! Before we move onto the best exercises, it’s important to understand the basic movements the glutes action within the body. They are as follows:

Hip extension – This is to extend the leg at the hip behind your body.

Hip external rotation – This is to rotate the leg outwards to point your toes away from the midline of the body.

Hip abduction – This is to move the leg away from the midline of the body.

With these in mind, you’ll notice the selection of exercises below revolve around these actions.


Compound Exercises
Compound exercises work across multiple joints. You can usually handle heavier weights with these exercises and they have the potential to recruit and build lots of muscle tissue and burn plenty of calories.

Squats – The king of lower body exercises! All variations are a viable option when it comes to sculpting a better bum, including barbell back squats, goblet squats and machine squats. To target the booty even more effectively with a squat, take a slightly wider stance and aim to get as low to the ground as possible without compromising spine safety. To perform a basic squatting motion, keep your chest proud and drive your hips back as if you are sitting down. Screw your feet into the ground to create torque in the knees and hips for more stable joints.


Deadlifts – Much like the squat, deadlift variations can be great booty builders. Particularly the sumo deadlift and Romanian deadlift variations. Due to the wide stance of the sumo deadlift, it’s extremely effective at working the glutes. The set-up of this movement means you’ll gain a mechanical advantage, meaning you can really load the bar up and pull a heavy weight. The Romanian deadlift variation is great for strengthening everything along the posterior chain, particularly the hamstrings, glutes and lower back. A deadlift movement is much like a squat, however it’s often more hip dominant.

Walking lunges – Walking lunges have the benefit of working each glute individually. This is great for bringing up a weaker side and achieving a symmetrical look. To perform a good lunge, take a step forward and aim to get both legs to around 90 degrees in the bottom position. For glute activation, the wider and deeper the step of your lunge, the better.

Barbell hip thrusts – The classic glute builder! You could argue this is an isolation exercise as its so effective at stimulating the glutes, however due to the large amount of weight one can normally handle with the exercise, plus the extra hamstring and core recruitment, I’ve included it in with the compound exercises. Lie prone, with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Place a loaded barbell across your hips and drive up until you reach end range. Don’t hyperextend the lower back with this one.

Isolation Exercises
Isolation exercises work across one joint, as a result they focus effort to one muscle group. This is great for finishing off muscle groups or really focusing in on the target area. They tend to work best with a higher rep range and lighter weight.

Clam shell – Not only does this exercises isolate the glutes, its also great at getting the glutes to fire more efficiently. Many people, over time, suffer with dysfunctional glute firing patterns. This can cause various faults during other exercises such as squats and can result in injury of the hips and lumbar spine. What’s more, you can do this exercise anywhere! Simply tie a resistance band around your knees and lie on your side with, knees and hips bent at around 90 degrees. Keeping the bottom leg on the ground and feet together, open the knees as far as possible before returning to the start.

Glute kick-backs – Another classic booty exercise that females are particularly fond of in gyms all over the world. A glute kick-back machine will work, or if like many, you don’t have access to one of those, use a low pulley cable station with an ankle cuff. With one leg strapped up with the ankle cuff and attached to the cable, tilt at the waist slightly and extend the leg behind you. Take care not to hyperextend the lower back in the top position.

Reverse hyperextensions – Nothing challenges the glutes through full hip extension quite like reverse hyperextensions. Lie prone on a hyperextensions bench, and extend both legs at the hip. Again take care not to hyperextend the lower back in the top position.

Creating Your Own Booty Sculpting Workout

Beginner workout – The beginner workout involves just straight sets and three exercises. Consider following this protocol for six workouts before changing up exercises or moving onto the advanced workout.

1: choose compound exercise | 4 X 8-10 reps | 3010 tempo | 60 sec rest
2: choose compound exercise | 3 X 8-10 reps | 3010 tempo | 60 sec rest
3: choose isolation exercise | 3 X 15-20 reps | 2010 tempo | 45 sec rest

Advanced workout – The advanced workout involves supersets, this is two exercises paired together and performed back to back with little to no rest in between. These supersets are known as pre-exhaust supersets. This is where the first exercise hits the target muscle group directly with a isolation exercise. The second exercise is a multipoint exercise. Because the glutes are already pre-fatigued from the first exercise the second exercise will really target the glutes for intense development. Consider following this protocol for six workouts before changing up exercises.

1A: choose isolation exercise | 4 X 15-20 reps | 2010 tempo | 10 sec rest
1B: choose compound exercise | 4 X 8-10 reps | 3010 tempo | 60 sec rest
2A: choose isolation exercise | 4 X 15-20 reps | 2010 tempo | 10 sec rest
2B: choose compound exercise | 4 X 10 reps | 3010 tempo | 60 sec rest

If you’ve tried one of the sessions above, I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a comment or message on one of the ABC fit social media platforms.