Top Proven Benefits Of Online Personal Training


I’m by no means old, but I’ve got to admit sometimes the internet is making me feel it! Since it was born it’s grown at an astounding rate. It only took five years for the internet to reach an audience of 50 million users. With growth like that you can pretty much do anything online these days, from ordering your groceries to listening to music to finding a significant other. Apparently you can even buy a significant other! With more and more businesses going online it leads us to the question, is there a place for personal training online?


I for one certainly believe so. Take a look below for seven reasons online training is growing at a rapid rate and why it might be a viable option for you and your goals.

Thanks to the internet, our planet has become a much smaller place. Emails, video calls and instant messaging services means you can connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime. This means you can work with any coach offering online training anywhere in the world, how great is that? You may have always wanted to be trained by your idol and now you can be. Geographical location is no longer an issue. It also means you can continue working with your favourite trainer even if you relocate, or they do.

Imagine how powerful having your own online coach would be with keeping you accountable with positive habits and behaviours. If your coach asks you to drink 2L of water per day consecutively for the next week and you don’t do it, how awkward is it going to be a week down the line when they ask you how you got on? For that reason having an online coach will do wonders for your own accountability and compliance.

A great online training programme is more than just a cookie cutter template that gets sent out to every client. It would use a series of questionnaires to collect data about the client which would allow the coach to prescribe the most effective exercise and nutritional protocol going forward. For you, the client, this is great as it gives you confidence in knowing you’ve got the most effective blueprint for your goals.

When embarking on any fitness journey or transformation it’s inevitable there will be periods of time when motivation seems to just disappear. You may fall of the rails so to speak. Through questioning and regular progress reviews a good online coach will pick up on this and motivate you to get back on it and continue moving forward. If you didn’t have the guidance of an online coach it might take you weeks or months before get another spark of motivation.

Following the same monotonous exercise programme day in day out will sooner or later result in boredom and failure. Remember Albert Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. Online coaching gives the opportunity to regularly have your workouts mixed up, progressed and periodised. Ultimately meaning you’ll enjoy them more. Take it from me, seeing results from your routine is powerful. Enjoying it as well as seeing  results from it, you’ll become unstoppable.

Is cardio what you should be doing for your goals? Should it be steady state or HIIT? Or should you be doing resistance based work? Is it best to eat 2000kcal or 2500kcal per day? And how many of those calories should be from proteins? It’s a massive conundrum that might mean you’re not taking the most effective path forward. In modern society where speed and efficiency is everything, consider online coaching as a way to eliminate the guess work.

You’ll never be able to replace the benefits that a 1-1 session can deliver. From the hands-on exercise coaching to the in-person nutritional guidance. Nothing will be able to quite replicate that. But for a more affordable option that comes pretty close, consider online coaching.

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