Top 5 Predicted Health And Fitness Trends For 2018


Every year various trends surge into the health and fitness industry. Some stick, some are just a flash in the pan. The longer you’ve been in the industry, the better you become at predicting those trends. I’ve worked in gyms for seven years now and I’ve been a personal trainer for five of those seven. So what’s it going to be this year? What do you think? Here’s what I think.

Technology is constantly advancing. You know how it is, you get a brand new iPhone and within a few months they’ve already announced the new one and yours feels like old hat. The fitness industry is no exception for advances in technology. For health and fitness expect big advances in smart watches, mobiles, gym machinery and gym clothing. Hell, if you research deep enough you can find examples of drones that video record your runs and analyse your performance. Heart rate monitors discretely built into your T-shirt. Even sunglasses that record heart rate, pace and miles complete with a head-up display. How cool is that?

Fad Diets
When are fad diets not in fashion? Each year there’s a numerous amount of fad diets that flood the health and fitness world. All normally a variation of the same thing – a calorie deficit. The only thing that sets some apart from others is the belief systems and mindsets surrounding them. Despite widespread criticism (and correct criticism at that!) that diets are only a short term solution to a long term problem, believe me when I say they will continue to grow, adapt and evolve. Ever wondered why diets continue to grow in popularity? People want results now, not next year! And diets play up to that. People are sucked in with these false promises of results in weeks or days. Only to fail before being sucked in to the next “big thing” and the cycle starts over. It’s one of the greatest marketing scams in history.

Pilates And Yoga For Lunch
These are going to grow to be a huge hit. Particularly with the city workers that want to do something positive towards their goals during their lunch break, but not annihilate their bodies leaving them sweaty and unable to walk for the rest of the day. The more holistic based classes will also provide a much needed escape from the hustle and bustle of work life. Expect to see short 30-45 minute lunch time classes popping up on your gyms timetable, particularly if you live or work in the city.

Top health and fitness trends

Take a walk through any supermarket and you’ll be hit in the face with products claiming they’re super. You’ll notice the words super fruits and super grains are thrown around a lot. They are appearing in an array of products products such as salads, breakfast cereals and porridge. Superfoods include a long list of foods that display a strong micronutrient profile that will improve your health and fitness. Some examples could be blueberries, acai berries, quinoa and kamut. I think it’s great they’re starting to appear all around supermarkets. Despite being an obvious marketing tactic to get you (the health conscious consumer) to buy the product, the more micronutrient dense foods we can eat, the better.

Online Personal Training
Dating, chatting, shopping. Whether you like it or not people are moving online to find solutions to their problems and personal training is no exception. More and more coaches are taking their businesses online as a way of eliminating geographical boundaries and freeing up more time to work with more clients. More and more people are looking online for training as a more affordable and flexible option to 1-1 training.

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